Tips On Dating a Filipino Woman

An Ultimate Guide to Dating a Filipino Woman

If you are here, you might have already started thinking about creating a family. For that, of course, you need to find a person who you would not only love but who would make a great partner. Filipinas are known to be perfect wives. They possess all the necessary traits for that – and you should consider dating a girl from the Philippines.

In this blog about dating a Filipino woman we will tell you everything about Filipino brides:

  1. What makes them so popular among Western men
  2. What their personality traits are like
  3. Why Filipino women are so beautiful
  4. How to date a Filipino bride
  5. How your life will change with a Philippine woman by your side
  6. How high are the chances that a Filipino woman will choose you

Are you as excited as we are? Then you should read on to get the answers to all your questions about being with a Filipino lady. Ready, set, go!

Annually, thousands of Filipino women marry American, Australian, Canadian and European men. Men keep coming to the Philippines to seek mail order brides. Why is this so? Is it because it’s «trendy» to have an Asian wife? Or is there something about Filipino brides that makes them special?

There is. These girls make great spouses. They are very caring and probably some of the most supportive women. They are capable of taking care of the family, children while pursuing a career and keeping an eye on the household. They are usually brought up in religious Catholic families and family values are of top priority for them. Also, they are great cooks and always make sure their family members do not starve.

Where can you meet a Filipino woman for marriage?

meet a Filipino woman for marriage meet a Filipino woman for marriage

For these and many other reasons, Filipino brides make the best wives. Modern Filipino mail order bride or Filipino dating sites have opened a path for Western men to reach out to these Asian beauties. It has become easy to contact and talk to beautiful and single Filipino women. These sites have added to the popularity of girls from the Philippines.

Where would you like to meet a Filipina? Somewhere in Manila or online? Of course, meeting the love of your life spontaneously somewhere in a cafe in the Philippines or elsewhere sounds good, but how feasible is that? Just think about flight tickets, planning of the itinerary and all the financial expenses… Filipino dating sites do seem like an option, a great one!

On these sites, you can find dedicated women who are interested in anything but marriage. They will not fool you or play around with you. They know what they want and they aim to get it. They have passed screening at bride agencies, created dating profiles and told the entire world that they are ready for a husband. What you need to do is to reach out to them and choose the lady that suits you the most.

How will you know which Filipina is the one that you need? We can’t tell. It depends on your preferences. But what we can tell you for sure is what are the personality characteristics of Filipino women. You can find such information below.

What are Filipino women like?

beautiful Filipino women beautiful Filipino women
  • These ladies put the needs of loved ones above their own. If you have had a bad day, if you’re sick, if you need a massage – your sweet Filipino girl will do anything to make you feel good. You will always be her priority no matter what, and that’s one of the top things that make these kind women so adorable and desirable in marriage.
  • They are extremely cheerful, joyful, and very positive. They can encourage and inspire anyone, lift their mood and keep them smiling. If you want to have a sunny person by your side, date a Filipino woman.
  • They are humble and grateful. They do not need much to be happy, they will be happy with any gift you present them. It’s not the gifts that they cherish but the attention and efforts of their loved men.
  • Filipinas are interested in serious relationships. A Philippine girl is not likely to jump into something casual. She would rather prefer a normal relationship with the emotions involved. Moreover, the ending point of dating for her is marriage, so if that’s something you are looking for, find a Filipino mail order bride for yourself.
  • They are very caring and protective. Why do you think Filipino women are involved in so many caregiving jobs? Because they know how to take care of others! They are raised like that, they make wonderful mothers and build strong families.
  • It’s better not to play around with them. If you deceive or cheat on a Filipino woman, you're done. Just saying.
  • Be ready for a little drama. If you make a Filipino woman upset, she may need a few hours or even days to get over it. And yes, it will be accompanied by pouting and ignoring. She will probably also behave like a child who wants attention. But you will handle it, of course, if you truly love her.
  • Filipino women love having fun. Yes, their joyful nature will never let them rest! They adore singing karaoke and dancing, laughing and cooking. Their meals are the best, and they are never short of food. The best thing is when a Filipino family throws a party – you will have loud chats, many hugs, and leftovers.

How do Filipinas look?

Women in the Philippines are fantastic. They are short or middle-height, usually fit or slim, sometimes with petite figures and seductive curves. They have adorable, cute faces. Dark eyes, honey-hued skin, jet-black or brown straight, usually long hair – that’s a look of a typical Filipino beauty.

They know how to dress well but are not fashion-addicts. Many of them can be humble, wear no makeup, while others watch YouTube makeup tutorials and experiment with their looks. What is for sure true about all ladies from the Philippines is that they care about their hygiene. They are always clean and neat. A true Filipino woman will take a bath at least once a day, better twice or even trice.

If you are eager to date a girl from the Philippines, you will have to keep up with her in terms of hygiene, but all else – she will accept you and love you the way you are.

How to date a Filipina?

date a Filipina lady date a Filipina lady

Dating a Filipino woman may not be very different from dating other women, but it is a good idea to revise simple dating tips:

  1. Be a gentleman. Simple as that – open doors for her, bring her flowers, invite her for a coffee, do not talk about sex too early, give her personal space and respect her wishes. Surprisingly, it is difficult to be a gentleman in this era, but we are sure you can try your best.
  2. Take the first step. These beauties are pretty conservative and they expect the man to take the lead most of the time. Be the first to invite her on a date, be the first to start talking about your feelings. Be initiative and know how to organize a small date or a surprise. Of course, a Philippine woman can do it too, but she expects you to take on responsibilities in the family life as well.
  3. Respect her religion and family. Filipinos are quite religious people with strong family values. These people are mostly Catholic Christians, so it’s important if you respect their views. Also, be respectful of her family. Impressing them is a green light for your marriage with a Filipino girl.
  4. Do not play around with her. If you are sure you do not seek marriage but you know that she does, do not escalate things. It’s better to break up before you break her heart. They are feminine and tender, but if you mess up with them, they will show you their strong side.
  5. Show her you are a breadwinner – it’s your time to impress! As we have said, Philippine ladies are conservative, and they would like to see if a man can bring money to the home. Yes, they are versatile and pursue careers, but the burden of giving birth, caring for children in the family will be on them, so having a good financial backup from the husband is what they need.
  6. Be curious about her culture. This is the problem of many American men – they assume that knowing the culture of other people is not a big deal. Well, it is. If you aim to be in an international relationship, learning about the background of your loved one is crucial. Do not bombard your Philippine beauty with stereotypes about her country but rather research a bit and ask her questions sincerely.
  7. Always have a good smell. Hygiene, hygiene, hygiene. Needless to explain again. And yes, do not forget to spray good perfume all over yourself.
  8. Give her little gifts. This is the way to show her that you care. You do not have to break her head over what to give her – just ask her what she likes, and give that to her. People say that many Philippine girls are gold-diggers but that’s not true – while some are, the majority are decent ladies who just want to see if you are ready to invest in the relationship with them.

Why dating a Filipina is the greatest thing on earth?

hot girl from philippines hot girl from philippines

The Philippines is a country with the best women. Here are a few reasons why being with a girl from this land will be fantastic:

  • She will care about you and cater to you better than your mom
  • You will become open-minded and absorb her cultural peculiarities (like funny Philippine gestures)
  • You will continually enjoy Filipino hospitality (her family will accept you as theirs and will treat you very warmly)
  • You will never starve – these women are great cooks and will pamper you (although, get ready for a lot of rice in your meals)

Why Filipino women choose American guys

Philippine girls seek the best future for themselves and their future children. They believe that men from Western countries are capable of providing them with this. They also believe that these men respect women’s rights more and happen to be more supportive. Also, Filipino men are known for cheating, and that’s exactly the opposite of what a Filipino woman would want to experience in marriage. That’s why they choose American men.

The bottom line

Marrying a Filipino bride is an exceptional experience. She will pamper you like a child, support you no matter what and care about you more than anyone else. Philippine women are some of the most beautiful people on earth, with a great and cheerful personality. If you already like Filipino women, it’s the right time to consider starting a relationship or a family with one now.