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Our Team

The success of RomanceScout and our reputation as a trusted online dating resource has only become possible thanks to our outstanding team. Today we want you to meet our amazing writer, researchers, designers, and experts who invest a lot of time and effort into producing unique and helpful dating content.

Expert team

Our goal is to make our content not only fascinating to read, but also 100% true-to-life and helpful. This is only possible thanks to the highly acclaimed experts working for RomanceScout.com. Here are our top 3 experts.

Amie Leadingham

Amie helps us make our dating tips and guides more effective, reliable, and science-backed. Here is all you need to know about Amie to trust her as much as we do. Like many experts in her field, Amie Leadingham started working in the relationship industry after her own series of failures when it came to romantic relationships. Instead of blaming everyone around her, especially men, she realized that she was the person responsible for all of her shortcomings. This is what inspired Amie to join the dating industry as a relationship coach.


The second you start reading Amie’s guides, you will see that she knows what she’s talking about. But if you need proof that she’s a relationship expert and not an impostor, here are just some of her many certificates and awards:

  • Bachelor of Science in Business from Cal Poly Pomona
  • Relationship Coach & Lead Mentor Coach from the Relationship Coaching Institute
  • Certified Professional Coach from the Center for Coaching Certification
  • One of the best dating coaches in LA by Datezie.com
  • One of LA’s best dating coaches by DatingAdvice.com

Areas of work

Amie Leadingham shares her relationship expertise in two major directions:

  • Personal dating coaching and related services, including online courses, dating profile makeover sessions, and more.
  • Contributions to popular online publications on everything concerning dating. Recently, Amie has also ventured into international dating and now helps us write for RomanceScout.


In addition to working as a relationship coach and guest dating expert, Amie Leadingham has also scored numerous appearances in the media. Here are just some of the TV channels, radio programs, podcasts, and online publications Amie has graced with her presence so far:

  • Relationship-related interviews for Bumble, DatingNews, InStyle, The Guardian, LA Times, Insider, and other respectable online resources.
  • A radio interview for 105.1 The Blaze and an appearance on Robin McGraw’s podcast.
  • Guest articles about every possible aspect of dating for Zoosk, Dating Advice, and The Good Men Project.
  • TV appearances on Fox 5, Las Vegas Now, Say Allo, and other TV channels and online resources.

Amie Leadingham was named one of LA's Best Dating Coaches in Los Angeles by DatingAdvice.com


Julie Spira

Julie is helping us make our relationship guides and tips more insightful, helpful, and based on her extensive experience with online dating. Julie Spira is a cyber-dating expert who specializes in online relationships. For the past two decades, she has helped people find love online and avoid any disappointment along the way. All of this makes her a powerful digital dating guru and cyber matchmaker. 

How does Julie help others?

Julie’s presence on the internet and in the cyber-dating industry certainly didn’t go unnoticed. She has published a best-selling book called The Perils Of Cyber Dating, and it has already helped several generations of online dating aficionados have a safe and satisfying digital experience. But Julie’s expertise doesn’t stop there.

On her blog, she regularly published helpful dating advice completely for free. From news to successful opening lines to use on a dating site, you can find it all there. And if you are looking for a more personable experience, there are several options you can choose from:

  • Dating coaching calls
  • Dating profile critique
  • Dress rehearsal for a date
  • Several different coaching plans, where Julie will guide you from choosing the right dating service to being perfectly prepared for the first date.

Follow Julie on one of her actively maintained social media profiles or, better yet, visit RomanceScout.com regularly to never miss a new contribution from Julie. Who knows, maybe the advice you’ll get for her will become the one thing that propels you to online dating success!

Media appearances

Julie Spira does not just provide coaching services through her website or help us make the information on RomanceScout more substantial. She has been a mainstay in dating-related media for over 20 years and has had over 2,000 publications on the most respected platforms, as well as numerous media appearances. These are some of her most notable contributions:


Jessica Smith

Jessica has already helped us craft numerous helpful relationship guides and tips, and we are looking forward to a long, fruitful cooperation. For many years, Jessica has researched the online dating industry, working with individuals who were on the brink of desperation and helping them find love. In her work, Jessica Smith is aimed at not just teaching her readers and listeners the ins and outs of dating, but also at building up the confidence of her clients. 

How can Jessica help you find love?

Right now, Jessica Smith is probably best known for her wildly successful podcast Game Of Love, that she runs together with her co-host Rochonne Sanchez. In over 100 episodes of the podcast, Jessica and her friend talk about everything concerning relationships, including meeting people online and building a perfect romance regardless of the distance. Her insightful tips, sense of humor, and lack of fear in talking about sensitive subjects are what made Game Of Love popular in the first place.

There is also her eponymous radio show on Mile High Sports Radio. In addition to that, Jessica Smith is a renowned dating coach with several programs aimed at different categories of singles. There are coaching programs for men and women who are too scared or anxious to try online dating, women who need to find the confidence to date, and those who sincerely want to find love but don’t know where to start. You can even book Jessica for a 30-minute pre-date call, where she’ll empower you to be a true relationship rockstar.

Media appearances

As one of the most influential personalities in international dating and online dating, Jessica has scored many appearances and publications in the media. Most importantly, Jessica is the author of a best-selling book called 21 Days To Feeling Gorgeous, meant to make women more confident and ready to start their romantic journeys.


Content team

Over the years, we have assembled a content team we are genuinely proud of. All of these people have worked with us for 3+ years and have helped us grow.

Irene Stevens, writer

Irene is a writer with a degree and plenty of experience in psychology, which allows her to write deep, informative guides to international dating based on her personal expertise. Irene specializes in relationships between people from other countries. Irene also writes articles for such well-known magazines as SFWeekly and many others.


To sum up

We may not have the biggest team out of all online dating resources, but we are incredibly proud of the people working for RomanceScout. Our goal is to never stop delivering high-quality, honest, and relevant content to our readers, and thanks to our exceptional writers, researchers, and experts, you can look forward to new and exciting pieces!