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Our Team

The success of RomanceScout and our reputation as a trusted online dating resource has only become possible thanks to our outstanding team. Today we want you to meet our amazing writer, researchers, designers, and experts who invest a lot of time and effort into producing unique and helpful dating content.

Content team

Over the years, we have assembled a content team we are genuinely proud of. All of these people have worked with us for 3+ years and have helped us grow.

Irene Stevens, writer

Irene is a writer with a degree and plenty of experience in psychology, which allows her to write deep, informative guides to international dating based on her personal expertise. Irene specializes in relationships between people from other countries.

Harold Miller, researcher

New dating services appear every month and it can be tough to keep your finger on the pulse of the online dating industry. This is what Harold is here for. He knows exactly which dating sites are worth checking out.

Jonathan Silver, writer

Jonathan has a lot of experience with online dating, but that’s not the only thing that makes him one of our best writers. Jonathan is also a skilled author with an eye for detail who meticulously works on each piece he creates.

Frank Williams, editor

We are very satisfied with the work done by our writers, but our content would have never looked as good as it does right now if it wasn’t for Frank. With 15+ years of professional editing experience, Frank is a true wordsmith.

David McNeal, writer

David considers himself to be not just a writer, but also a connoisseur of online dating, and after seeing even a single one of his reviews, you will see why. His reviews are honest, detailed, and always up-to-date.

Expert team

Our goal is to make our content not only fascinating to read, but also 100% true-to-life and helpful. This is only possible thanks to the highly acclaimed experts working for RomanceScout.com. Here are our top 3 experts.

Craig Michales

With 10+ years of experience as a dating coach, Craig has exclusively worked with online dating for the last 5 of them. He checks, edits, and improves our guides to meeting new people, helping you achieve success.

Francis White

Francis White has worked for a popular dating service for over 7 years. If there is one person who knows the ins and outs of the online dating industry and is willing to share them with our readers, it’s Francis.

Nicole Baumgartner

Nicole is a psychologist who has visited over 50 countries. She has met hundreds of singles and couples and now knows exactly what people are looking for in potential partners and she is ready to share her insights.

To sum up

We may not have the biggest team out of all online dating resources, but we are incredibly proud of the people working for RomanceScout. Our goal is to never stop delivering high-quality, honest, and relevant content to our readers, and thanks to our exceptional writers, researchers, and experts, you can look forward to new and exciting pieces!