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RomanceScout Careers

Are you looking for new job opportunities? Do you think that people don’t have to limit themselves to looking for an ideal match only in their city or country? Do you want to help people find love overseas and create the best content for them? If the answer is yes, take a look at our careers!

Please send your CVs to jobs@romancescout.com and feel free to ask any questions through the special form on the Contact Page.

Senior Copywriter

We’re looking for a senior copywriter, a perfect storyteller who’d not only write amazing posts but also use statistical and analytical data effectively to inform our site visitors about all the dating trends worldwide.

You’re our ideal candidate if:

  1. You have at least two years of experience and plenty of articles posted on websites, in online newspapers, on social media, etc.
  2. You can not only write great posts but also help our junior copywriters, share your professional experience, and be a mentor.
  3. You always consider SEO specialists’ recommendations and follow all the technical requirements.
  4. You can work fast, and missing a deadline is your worst nightmare, not a routine.

SMM specialist

If you are a driven Social Media Specialist, we’d be happy to see you on our team! We’re looking for a candidate who’d have excellent copywriting skills (you’ll need it to create great, catchy, and informative posts on social media from Instagram to Facebook), be able to develop an effective strategy to promote our services and content on social networks, and, of course, had a good taste - after all, visual content is king!

You’re the one who we’re looking for if:

  • You know how to use provided data, statistics, analytics to create great comprehensive content that’d promote services on social media and attract as many users as possible
  • You can support consistent community engagement
  • You can easily set up and optimize our pages on any popular social media website
  • You know how to do audience research, understand what users need, and use this information properly
  • You have at least a year of experience as an SMM specialist or a copywriter

Content Marketing Manager

Of course, we also need to promote the content created by our writers and SMM specialists on various platforms, so we’re also looking for an experienced marketer who understands how search engines work.

You’re our ideal candidate if:

  1. You know how to develop an effective marketing strategy for both search engines and social networks
  2. You are a team player who knows how to coordinate the work of our SMM specialists and copywriters
  3. You can create comprehensive guides for content creators
  4. You can coordinate SEO specialists, indicating the most important goals and directions
  5. You have strong analytical skills and have at least 2-year experience with SEO, SMM marketing, email marketing

Feel free to contact us at any time!