The Best Country To Find a Wife

The Best Country To Find a Wife

What Is The Best Country For Mail Order Brides? Check This List

International dating suits those who failed when trying to find soulmates in their own surroundings. If you got disappointed or even hurt before, you are at the right place now. Who knows, maybe you will find the love of your life elsewhere?

Maybe. But do you know where to search? We can help you with that. Here we present top countries to find beautiful mail order brides – women who are eager to marry non-natives.

Below, you can see the countries where most people get fiancée visas (K-1) to the USA. K-1 visas are a perfect indicator of places where ladies suit Western bachelors and are ready for marriage with foreigners. On our platform, you will find shortcuts to the best mail order bride sites where you can say hi to these beauties. So let’s go!

The best place to find a wife #1: Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is one of the most popular destinations for single men. It is the best place to find women because ladies in this region easily adapt to Western European, American, Canadian, and other variations of so-called «Western» or «Northern» mentality, compared to their counterparts from other parts of the world. At the same time, Eastern European ladies are more into creating families than, for example, American women.

Check out these countries with mail order brides:

The best country to find a wife #1: Russia

Russian Mail Order Brides Russian Mail Order Brides

Russia is the best country to find a wife because many Russian belles are eager to get married and be mothers. They expect a man to be a breadwinner while they are fine with taking on the chores and child-rearing.

In 2017, around 600 K-1 visas were issued to Russians in the US. It’s one of the largest figures among people from Eastern Europe. This is proof that Russian ladies are very popular brides among Western bachelors. But why? Russian females are very beautiful and make perfect wives. They become mail order brides because they’re dissatisfied with men in their country (many Russian men have problems with alcohol and can be abusive).

You need a Russian bride if you want:

  • a loving wife who is good at managing the family budget
  • a woman capable of growing children
  • a lady who always looks stunning

The best country to find a wife #2: Ukraine

ukrainian Mail Order Brides ukrainian Mail Order Brides

Ukrainian women are very attractive to foreigners. Ukrainians got almost 800 K-1 visas to the US in 2017, even more than Russians! Ukrainian women may seem similar to Russian beauties, yet they are not the same. They speak different languages and they have a different approach to life. Ukrainian women are closer to European («Western») values, they can be both feminist and feminine. Many of them are family-oriented yet they can be very ambitious in their career as well.

Alcoholism ruins 20-25% of all marriages in Ukraine, over 70% of Ukrainians marry out of emotions and not rationality. Ukrainian mail order brides know this as they grew up in families like this. They want to avoid such destiny and seek husbands overseas. Also, many Ukrainian girls become mail order brides because they are disappointed in men in Ukraine.

A Ukrainian woman is an ideal choice for you if you’re looking for:

  • an easy-going and cheerful lady
  • a woman good at handling housework
  • a woman who can be a fantastic mother

The best country to find a wife #3: Poland

polish Mail Order Brides polish Mail Order Brides

Poland is another best place to find a wife. Polish beauties are very open-minded to dating foreigners, that’s why they easily become mail order brides. Polish women are pretty, calm, and joyful.

Many of them are Catholic and have traditional family views. They are eager to create their own families and play the roles of supportive and caring spouses. But don’t think that Polish ladies want to be housewives. They are very educated and you will have to work hard to impress a Polish woman. When married and having kids, Polish women continue to climb a career ladder.

You should marry a Polish mail order bride if:

  • you are into starting a family
  • if you are into Slavic beauty
  • you admire educated women and ready to support their rights

The best place to find a wife #2: Asia

Asia is a gold mine when it comes to marriage opportunities. Western men consider women from this region «exotic» – unusual for them in their thinking, approach to life, habits, interests, and so on.

If you like challenges, if you like exploring very different cultures, if you want to find your soulmate in a place others would not think of, Asia is the best place to find a wife for you. Now let’s look at the three most popular bride places among Western males.

The best country to meet a wife #1: The Philippines

Philippines Mail Order Brides Philippines Mail Order Brides

The Philippines rank #1 among countries whose citizens got the most K-1 visas to the US for marriage. In 2017, almost 7,000 Filipino people were granted such visas. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? It’s even more impressive because The Philippines prohibit matching of Filipino ladies to foreigners for potential marriage, yet Filipino girls find loopholes and aim for a better life.

Why do Filipinas become mail order brides? They want respectful and loving husbands. They don’t always find this among Filipino men (many are unfaithful).

Choose Filipina beauties because:

  • Filipinas make great wives
  • they are some of the most caring women and often prioritize the needs of their loved ones
  • they look and age well

The best country to meet a wife #2: Vietnam

Vietnamese Mail Order Brides Vietnamese Mail Order Brides

Vietnam is among the best countries to meet women because ladies there are angels. They are well-educated, polite, and peaceful. They are raised in a conservative environment and they have strong family values. Vietnamese women become mail order brides because many of them historically have been marrying outsiders – South Korean, British, and American men. It matters a lot for their families – it’s a matter of social status for Vietnamese.

Vietnamese brides are second after Filipinas most popular among Americans based on K-1 visa issuance. They are very charming – straight black hair, porcelain skin, petite figures, and cute smiles.

Marry a Vietnamese girl if:

  • you want a supportive wife
  • you are a positive person and want someone as positive as you are by your side
  • if you want to build a loving family

The best country to meet a wife #3: China

Chinese Mail Order Brides Chinese Mail Order Brides

Despite that Chinese women aren’t short of men, they still choose to be mail order brides and look for husbands overseas. Why? Because Chinese women want to get liberated, escape from societal pressure about marriage. They know that non-native men are free of Chinese relationship stereotypes and choose them.

Chinese women, like many Asians, would not express their love verbally, but they will always show you how much they care about you and how important you are to them. China is the best country to meet a wife as women here are raised in traditional families, where gender roles are determined.

If you want a spouse of that kind, it’s the right place to search:

  • Chinese women adhere to traditional gender roles
  • they are very dedicated to their marriage
  • they are super-smart

The best place to find a wife #3: Latin America

Latin America is another best place to find a wife. Here girls are passionate, affectionate, and super caring. On top of that, they are flirtatious, life-loving, and fun. Who wouldn’t want to have a wife who always is sexy and cheerful? Check out the best countries to meet women in Latin America.

The best country for mail order brides #1: Mexico

Mexican Mail Order Brides Mexican Mail Order Brides

Mexico is among top-5 countries whose citizens get most fiancée visas to the States. Americans love Mexican women because of their beauty and personality. Mexican women are curvaceous, they have beautiful honey-hued skin, mesmerizing brown eyes, and straight or curly dark hair. Mexican women are popular among Western men also because they are very supportive and caring. They love catering to loved ones and would do anything for them.

The marriage rate has decreased in Mexico, while more divorces started taking place over the years. It shows how much both men and women in Mexico are disappointed. No wonder Mexican women decide to become mail order brides and find happiness elsewhere.

If you find Mexican women attractive, you should not miss such an opportunity:

  • Mexican women are extremely beautiful
  • they are supportive and caring
  • they love catering to loved ones

The best country for mail order brides #2: Colombia

Colombian Mail Order Brides Colombian Mail Order Brides

Colombian belles are very flirtatious and affectionate, especially in Medellín and Cali. It’s easy for them to date foreigners, easy to charm everyone around. However, this doesn’t mean they are promiscuous. By contrast, when it comes to marriage, Colombian ladies are faithful and loyal. Playful nature and serious approach to marriage make Colombian beauties desirable among Western male singles.

Colombian ladies prefer gringos (foreigners outside of Latin America) to Colombian men because of the machismo that flourishes in Latin America. Colombian women want supportive, understanding, and respectful husbands, and they strongly believe they can find such in the US, Canada, or Europe.

Marry a Colombian bride if:

  • you want a woman who will always ignite the fire between two of you
  • you are ready to be the bead of the family
  • you need someone loyal

The best country for mail order brides #3: Brazil

Brazilian Mail Order Brides Brazilian Mail Order Brides

Brazil is in the top-10 countries among the most popular receivers of K-1 visas to the US. In 2017, around 900 Brazilians were granted a chance to marry in the States. As you can see Brazilians are very popular among Americans, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. They are also popular among Canadians, Australians, and Europeans.

Brazil is the best country for mail order brides as women here are extraterrestrially beautiful and are eager to have strong families. Brazilian women combine many different features – features of Europeans, Amerindians, and Africans. Probably, that’s why Brazilian girls are diverse: voluptuous, slim and bootylicious, blonde and brunette, and so on.

Brazilian women, like many Latinas, have strong ties with their families, and that’s why it’s good to establish a family with them. A Brazilian wife will always maintain the loving atmosphere in your family, and you will never get bored with her.

Choose a Brazilian girl if:

  • you want to have a strong family
  • you like sexy Brazilian Portuguese accent
  • you need a very loving partner

What country has the best wives? Conclusion

We cannot tell you for sure what is the best country to meet a foreign wife because a lot depends on what you aspire to find and what you want. Instead, we have shown you all the opportunities that you can look into: finding women in Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Poland), Asia (The Philippines, Vietnam, China), and Latin America (Mexico, Colombia, Brazil). Now it’s time for you to make up your mind and start searching for a wife on the best mail order bride sites.