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How To Find A Mail Order Bride

How To Find A Mail Order Bride

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Internet technologies are a blessing of modern days as they allow finding love online. You can choose from many marriage and matchmaking agencies, websites, and platforms full of amazing girls motivated to find true feelings and partner abroad. It may seem wild, but arranged marriages have been popular throughout history, and mail order wives are just slightly more modern concepts of it. So let’s find out more about them, how to get a mail order bride, and what are the key factors and secrets of a happy relationship online. Stay with us and soak up everything that you need to know before going into your love search.

Who is an online bride?


Internet dating is quite common in modern society, and that makes mail order wife services popular too. Before learning how to get a mail order wife, you should have a better understanding of it. Not everyone is educated on what the term actually means, that is why there is a lot of confusion and stereotypes. The first thing you should know is that such services have nothing to do with any illegal business. Those girls are just regular women who are interested in finding real partners online and being loved. They join special platforms and are open to creating a family unit with the men they fall in love with.

Historical note

A mail order wife is not a new concept. It has originated from the American frontier — a region that, for a time, had a massive lack of females, and men were wondering where to find mail order brides. And there was a slight surplus of single ladies on the US East Coast, especially following the Civil War. Being creative, men from the Frontier region started to place ads in newspapers across the country, saying that they want to marry. That was a great opportunity for single ladies on the other side, interested in prospective husbands.

It was kind of modern online dating, as men and women exchanged saucy correspondence and, at a certain point, even sent photographs. All of that may have led to marriage and creating a family. Even though the whole process is much more modernized today, there are still a lot of resemblances. But today we send emails, text back and forward, send pics and all of that jazz.

Read this article to know more about who are mail order brides.

Where to get a mail order bride?

The best place to look for a suitable bride is to use a professional online dating site. With the popularity of such services, you have a lot of options available. A good one will cover all your needs for as close to IRL experience as possible. But you always need to do your own research and read reviews before coming to a particular website. If you aren’t fond of online communication, you can go on MOB tours or try your luck visiting the country itself. Depending on the preferred way, you will have different expenses, and speed of your searching process. But when it comes to love, it doesn't matter how do you get a mail order bride, as the only thing that truly matters is that you can get a real partner and soulmate for life.

10-step guide on how to get a mail order bride

Stop wondering how to order a mail order bride, here are practical and easy steps that will guide you if you are a newbie. However, if you have already experienced and have no luck, the guide has everything that you need to do and consider, to get a positive experience and potentially find your ideal match.

  1. Consider your motives and think if you are ready for a serious relationship and commitment.
  2. Make a clear vision of your “ideal wife” — nationality, traits, qualities, and everything that may be a deal-breaker. (This step is significant for selecting a suitable platform and saving your time and resources.)
  3. Make prior research on a platform that you are considering to join. Check the security and quality level of the services provided.
  4. Choose a dating site that offers the best value to you.
  5. Join the platform of your choice and create an honest profile.
  6. Browse the profiles of stunning women. Also, don’t forget to check recommendations as usually they are generated by the site’s algorithm from the preferences that you’ve entered during the registration.
  7. Select a few women that you are drawn to. Note that it’s usually not recommended to start talking to more than five girls at a time.
  8. Get to know the girls of your choice and slowly narrow down your list to “the one”.
  9. Benefit from all services that the site provides to have the closest to IRL experience as possible.
  10. Visit your girlfriend in her native city and develop your relationship.

How to choose a reliable online dating platform?


The trustworthy platform is a key to a positive online dating experience. That is a step that you must not neglect. The best mail order bride sites are a guarantee of the quality of services and identity safety. Those factors will influence the speed and general comfort of your experience. When you're looking for how to find a mail order bride and are considering to join an online dating platform, you should pay attention to:

  • Quality of the website design and navigation. Be ready to spend hours there, and lagging and freezing site will drive you nuts.
  • Safety. Reliable websites should be protected by advanced security and privacy systems. All information about that should be easily found on-site, or you can look up professional reviews on that matter.
  • Amount and quality of the services. Professional services are one of the biggest factors that you need to consider. If you have any particular preferences in a communication way — you should see if it is available on the site that you plan to join. Of course, prices may also vary, which can also be an important factor for you. So, we recommend checking them too.
  • Read professional reviews. Thankfully, there are many dating experts on the internet, and you can find reliable sources that make a comprehensive analysis of various popular websites for international dating. Take them with a pinch of salt, but usually, you can find a lot of useful insight into the platform on the review that can have a huge influence on your final decision.
  • And of course, read real user feedback. Looking up stories from real users is essential if you want to get how the platform works, get insider views and honest thoughts. But you also need to realize that there’s a lot of competition online, that’s why we recommend researching properly to get the widest picture and not base your decision on one comment.

5 red flags of dating sites to avoid

  1. The site has inappropriate content and a lot of dodgy ads, pop-ups, redirecting to third party sites.
  2. Unclear services, prices, and lack of refund policies.
  3. Similar profiles of women or almost the same information provided in them.
  4. Very low prices if compared with an average or any extra payments to the initial cost.
  5. No robust customer support service.

Secrets of successful online dating


If you want to conquer the girl of your dreams, follow these recommendations:

  • Choose the best country for mail order brides
  • Be honest from the very beginning.
  • No over photoshopped picks in your profile, catfishing is a bad thing either way.
  • Be clear about your intentions and plans for the future.
  • Get to know the girl you like before making your relationship too serious.
  • Make it interesting by not only texting but using various video and audio services.
  • Take your time to connect and bond with the girl you like, but don't be too slow because she may just lose her interest or think that you're not into her.
  • Be confident and clear about your feelings to see if they are mutual.
  • Visit your bride in her country to meet IRL and get to know her family and friends. That will help you to understand her better and see if she is the one.

How to charm a beautiful girl online?

On the internet, everything is almost the same as in real life:

  • Treat your online relationship the same as you would treat the IRL one. Organize online dates, surprise your girl with presents and flowers.
  • Give her compliments. All women need to hear what their partner likes about them and what he feels.
  • Be genuinely interested in her. Sometimes a caring message during your day means more than any present.
  • Get to know her culture to become closer and understand your bride better. She will surely appreciate it. And knowing relationship peculiarities in her country will help you to avoid a lot of misunderstandings.
  • Make romantic gestures. All women love good old romance, and you can make your intentions very clear with the help of it.


Getting a partner online is a genuine opportunity for everyone ready for a serious relationship, and it is up to a bit of the adventure. To find “the one,” you just need to have the courage to start and persistence to follow through. A professional dating platform will make the process easy and comfortable. If you have any doubts, don’t waste your time on that and start exploring your options.


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