Making Long Distance Relationship Work

Making Long Distance Relationship Work

Love is not always about constant meetings, holding hands, kissing, and feeling that nothing can make you be apart from your beloved. Sometimes it’s all about life circumstances in which you can accidentally occur in an LDR or long distance relationship. First, you may think that it’s not so daunting, and some space will only play in your hands. Or probably it won’t even be so serious. However, as soon as you realize that not infatuation but true and serious love makes you go through it, and counting down just spoils the magic, here start all the difficulties. At least half of couples break up not being able to overcome distance challenges. But is it true that long distance relationships never work? Definitely no. A lot of couples actually decide to fight for their love. In addition, those who survive it tend to have closer ties and a deeper level of trust, understanding, and emotional connection. So, how to become one of those lucky people who made it work? We share the experience of couples who succeeded in this tough test of feeling and their original ways to maintain LDR.

Making a long distance relationship work & keeping a flame alive

Here you are. Five hours in a car from each other or 10 hours by plane, with no time difference or in completely different zones, having different native languages or sharing different cultures. Even if the idea of being in different countries and continents sounds crazy, it can work if you want it to happen, and you are ready to work on it. So, let’s find out how to make your heart grow fonder during LDR rather than let it “out of mind, out of sight.”

Quality communication in a long distance relationship

long distance conversation long distance conversation

Communication is an essential part of every relationship. But you need to accept, in a long distance relationship, communication will become the key to maintaining your love. Most importantly, it should be high-quality communication with your common routines like writing “good night” before sleep or saying a thousand goodbye before hanging up. Add photos, videos, voice messages, and make regular phone and video calls. What can you also do? Borrow some interesting idea from the list:

  • Binge-watch Netflix together
  • Cook and have dinner
  • Exercise through video calls
  • Go for a “walk”
  • Choose one book and read it simultaneously, then share your thoughts.

Sometimes, living in different time zones may cause difficulties with catching each other, so knowing schedules and planning time wisely is another must-do. Finally, update your long distance partner about your everyday life and achievements. Even if these details can seem so mundane, this flow of messages will help your beloved feel like nothing is missing in your relationship, and you actually exist in the lives of each other.

Sharing the same goals and endgames

Even before starting a relationship, you need to define: how long will your long distance status last? Researchers prove that it’s much easier to deal with being apart when you know that it will be over soon. What happens if one partner can’t bear being in limbo anymore, while the other doesn’t precipitate the moment of moving together? Can a long distance relationship work then? There is bound to be friction. That’s why it’s essential to discuss your aims, expectations, and potential outcomes.

Trust and honesty

Making Long Distance Relationship Work Making Long Distance Relationship Work

One of the most common reasons one feels like stopping it all is a lack of trust in their partners. Even the least jealous person can start to feel unsure in LDR. Friends and close people who whisper to you how lack of physical connection can lead to infidelity don’t make things easier, too. How to gain trust in your beloved other when you have thousands of miles between you? How to work out a long distance relationship and keep trust? First of all, if your love is truly mutual, honesty should be the core base of everything. Second, discuss any insecurities or worries. Sometimes the call that you planned in advance is missed not because the person doesn’t love you anymore, but just because of a simple blackout or accidental nodding-off.

Fulfilling your love languages

If you actually want to work on your relationship and maintain it, make sure to pay attention to your soulmate’s love language. Whether it’s quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, or physical touch, all of the love languages can be fulfilled to a certain extent. Of course, sending her romantic postcards and ordering pizza or writing support texts and expressing your pride about their success is easier than showing your love through physical touches. However, everything is possible with your desire to make your partner feel loved and a little bit of thinking out of the box.

Meetings in a real-life

Making Long Distance Relationship Work Making Long Distance Relationship Work

What really fuels up your feeling, makes you have butterflies in the stomach, and evokes all the best memories is the expectation of a forthcoming meeting. Some couples make a commitment to never let more than a specific period go by without an in-person visit. Other couples are forced to obey the circumstances and decide on-the-go. Still, there should be a motivation to wait and know that soon you will meet your beloved again. Even if international long distance relationship trips cost a pretty penny, it’s definitely paid off.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to understand whether your long distance relationship is going to work?

Every love story is special. Therefore, there is no unique way to understand that yours will not fade. However, mutual commitment, support, readiness to compromise are essential. Wait, keep the same interests, discuss all problems, and work together on your plans on moving to the same place — these are bright signs that magic between you is genuine love.

How to keep romance in long distance relationships?

Even if you are not in the same places, we live in the modern world. Either it’s a lovely postcard sent by a snail mail or a great bouquet by express post, online dinner with candles, or falling asleep together through a phone — romance exists even if you are in a long distance relationship.

How to maintain your normal lifestyle while you are in a long distance relationship?

Sometimes you will need to sacrifice your time to catch your partner. Other times, you will feel too sad to even go out with your friends. But avoid putting your own life on hold at any price. Even if it’s difficult, hang out, develop your personality, find new hobbies and remember to live your life.