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Why Asian Mail Order Brides Are So Popular

Why Asian Mail Order Brides Are So Popular?

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Asian Mail Order Brides: Lifestyle, Motivation & Marriage Behavior

According to the statistics, provided by different dating platforms and apps and such popular social networks as Facebook, Asian women are leaders on the international marriage market. This means that men contact them more often than girls of other ethnic groups. Some psychologists and ethnographers say that the secret of Asian brides overwhelming popularity is in their allegiance to the so-called patriarchal relationships.

Do men look for Asian mail order brides just because of their desire to have an old-school wife? Why does a woman from Asia want to marry a man from America, Canada or Europe, and not a guy from her city or at least her country? You will find all the answers below.

Desire to find an Asian bride – the new trend of the western world?


Social researchers demonstrate the huge interest in studies of interethnic and interracial marriages. The results of these studies really say a lot about modern society and people’s preferences. For example, Asian women are in the highest demand on the marriage market. As for men, white guys remain the leaders and, ironically, Asian men remain to be the least popular ethnic group.

In the USA, Asian brides are the second most popular women with white men (after white women.) Asian people also marry people of another ethnic group more often than others: only 1% of white people, 5% of African Americans compared to 14% of men and women for marriage from Asian countries marry a partner from another national origin or a partner of another race. In fact, this shows that Asians are more open to international and interracial relationships than people of all other races.

Asian women for marriage – what is their motivation?

Of course, Asian women have different motivations to get married to someone living in another part of the world. It is important to understand that all these ladies have different social and cultural backgrounds. For example, we cannot say that brides from China have the same reasons to choose this path as women from Thailand or Korea. However, we have identified a few things various social researchers and Asian women themselves mention most often.

  1. Fear of being stigmatized for divorce/not getting married “in time”/unwillingness to live with abuser or cheater.
  2. Prejudice to local men, often related to trauma – divorce or breakup.
  3. Attraction to foreign men.
  4. Desire to give birth to children and raise them in a better country.
  5. Desire to avoid stigmatizing for not being “a good wife” who obeys her husband no matter what.
  6. Failure to find a decent man in native country.
  7. Confidence in the rational approach to dating and finding a perfect match.

There are many more motivations – we just listed the most common ones. It is also important to consider that any of these things cannot be the only reason why Asian woman leaves her own country, changes her life completely, and loses her social environment. In most cases, at least 3-4 of the above-mentioned things make a woman take this step.

Nevertheless, it is obvious that claiming that mail order Asian brides have one reason to move, and this reason is called ‘money’ or sometimes ‘green card’ is baseless, to say the least. Asian brides are obviously looking for decent men and good, healthy relationships.

Asian mail order wives – what are they like?


People always try to understand if they will live a happy life with their partners. Can we talk about the group of mail order brides from Asian countries and make predictions based on things we know about Asian girls? Generally speaking, it is possible. Let us take a look at some common things about them.

A bride from Asia – beauty in simplicity

Why did Mark Zuckerberg marry Priscilla Chang? Of course, he did it because he falls in love with her, but one of the reasons is “beauty in simplicity.” Asian women are simple, in a good way. They are not pretending to smarter, richer, more complicated and sophisticated than they really are.

It may seem that this is unimportant, but it is crucially significant – living with a simple, smiley, friendly girl is much easier, more pleasant and more real than living with a girl who is always trying to make an impression on everyone, from her followers to a waiter in a restaurant.

Forever young Asian girls – myth or reality?

A lot of words were said about the beauty of Asian brides, their gentleness and femininity. However, there is another thing that impresses people of other national origins most – Asian girls are not aging, and that is a fact. This, in part, can be explained by their habit to avoid the sun at all costs and love to good beauty products.

Do not think that the secret of Asian ladies beauty is only in their great genes – these girls make efforts to look amazing, too. That is why you never know if you are talking to a 20-year-old or a 35-year-old woman. By the way, they have gorgeous bodies, in part, due to Asian cuisine, in part, because of the stigmatization of overweight people in most Asian societies.

Asian mail order brides’ allegiance to tradition

Their allegiance to traditions is reflected in everything, especially in family and in relationships. Asian girls are doing “women’s work” and care about their husbands and children not because this is their heavy responsibility, but because this is absolutely natural to them.

Being feminine is trendy in Asia not because women there make a conscious decision to be gentle and caring but because this is how they live. In part, this can be explained by their endless respect for traditions. This does not mean that Asian society is an ancient society with wild customs that should be forgotten centuries ago. For instance, Korea and China are some of the most progressive countries – they just know how to balance between timeless values and modernity.

Conflicts with Asian brides – possible or not?

Men who have already found their perfect matches note that the idea to get a mail order bride from Asia was the best decision they have ever made. There are tons of reasons why they believe that they are incredibly lucky, and one of them is their peaceful nature. Asian mail order wives do not start conflicts and are less emotional than girls for other national origins. You need to try really hard to see their emotional response. Nevertheless, it is possible, so men should not think that they can just get a silent wife and treat her as they want to. Asian woman knows what self-respect is.

Asian mail order wives and female friends – recipe for disaster?

Yes, women in this region have a lot of great things to offer, but we are not going to deny that just like anyone else, they have their weaknesses. Jealousy is one of them. However, people should not blame them – there are a few things that explain this.

Firstly, in many Asian countries, adultery or more precisely, a cheating husband is a common thing, and in some love triangles even have names and are considered as just another type of family. Secondly, in some countries, men who come to see his female friend face-to-face is violating unwritten rules. Spending time with female friends and other male friends, however, is the accepted behavior. Just consider this when marrying an Asian bride.

How to meet Asian girls for marriage or can one buy an Asian bride?


If you are not going to pack your bags, buy a one-way ticket and move to Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam or any other amazing land in Asia, you need to find the way to meet a special lady on the web. Do you need to join a niche website or social networking sites to work well enough? Well, it is up to you, however, in practice, international couples meet each other on best dating sites that were initially created for people looking for serious relationships. This is just the math or more precisely, the probability theory – you are more likely someone who has similar intentions in a place that gather people with such intentions, right?

We only want to note that this using mail order bride services makes sense only if you find a trustworthy site. It is not this simple, but possible if you are ready to spend some time choosing between many options. Here are some crucially important criteria to take into account when choosing the best of dating sites:

  • Target audience. If you look for love in a certain region, you need to make sure that there are ladies from this region on the site.
  • Love at first sight or analysis? We believe in love, coincidences, destiny and things like that. But, we also believe in good search systems and lists of suitable matches. Even if you are the most romantic person ever, check if there is a good algorithm to find the best candidates.
  • Information is power. If you want to avoid mistakes and find love, and not a short-term affair, just analyze some profiles. Do girls on the platform provide detailed info, pictures, and videos? If they are not, this dating platform is definitely not one of the best options.
  • How much it will cost you? Sites have various billing policies, generous and not really generous loyalty programs, etc. Make sure that you are ready to pay this amount for online dating.
  • Online safety. If you are not safe on the sites, why use them? Read the privacy policy and make sure that a website uses good software to protect your data.
  • The number of services matters. Can a pretty good site provide only two types of services, for example, text chatting and phone calls? Yes, it can. Can the best site do the same? No, it cannot because it means that it is not the top-ranked site. Dating platforms provide tons of services from gift delivery to arranging tours to a bride’s country, and this is super important.
  • Help needed. Can you contact support and get professional assistance? If you cannot, move to the next sites.

Dating someone online is a challenge for many people. But it can be the mind-blowing experience if you analyze the sites and choose the best one. Do your research or use any of the options we have already reviewed and ranked for our readers – just read the reviews and pick the platform.

Price of an Asian wife – expensive or not?

Special attention should be paid to prices. Please note that though people often call them mail order bride prices, this is not exactly true – you cannot just buy Asian mail order brides online or anywhere else (except for the wildest tribes of the modern world) but you can pay for services.

Of course, we are talking about dating services. Simply put, the cost of such services can vary from a few dollars per month to a few thousand dollars for a few contacts of single ladies. The average price is about 50-100 dollars per month. Nevertheless, we recommend you to take a close look at the costs of mail order brides dating services. You can find them in our reviews or on the sites.

Final thoughts about the phenomenon of the best Asian wives

Popularity of Asian women is overwhelming and it is expected to grow. You know, rare things are always more valuable than things that you can get anywhere. Femininity and gentleness mixed with natural beauty, peaceful personality and simplicity is a pretty rare combination. No wonder men are trying to use their chance to marry such a girl. However, the world is constantly changing and maybe, in a few decades, women in Asia will follow global trends more often than now. So, if you are looking for a regular Asian woman whom we described above, hurry up – you have a real chance to meet Asian mail order bride, so do not miss it.

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