Do European Women Like American Men

Do European Women Like American Men? — Dating Differences Explored

European women are incredibly beautiful, and they have such a unique allure about them. If you adore their look and want to date a girl from Europe, it is only natural to wonder do European women like American men. Continue reading to find the answer you were looking for.

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Top dating sites to find European women that are into dating American men

Do European women like American men?

There are different reasons why European girls join online dating sites. One of them being attracted to foreign men, especially Americans. In fact, the divorce rate in European countries like Greece, Italy, Iceland is much lower than in the US, so chances for a happy multicultural relationship is higher. If you're wondering why European beauties find guys from the US more attractive, you can find top reasons down below.

Why European women like American men?

Why European women like American men Why European women like American men

At the moment dating foreign men is a big trend globally. But why do European women like American men? We don't mean to stereotype, but there are some common reasons why European ladies choose to date and marry American guys, and here are some of the main ones.

3 qualities European women like in American guys

  1. Western mentality — The tempo in the majority of European countries is much slower than in the US. This makes people in Europe enjoy life more, but at the same time, many find the go-getter mentality of Americans very inspiring. Wanting to achieve success, have a better life, and don’t settle for less is what guys from the US are known for. This is why gorgeous European beauties see American men as more ambitious, powerful, and generally more successful.
  2. American men know how to provide emotional and financial security — Going into a relationship for financial security is a touchy subject. But on the contrary to popular belief, European women are more than capable of providing for themselves. They, as well as American girls, look for a partner, not a sugar daddy. Beautiful European girls just want to find someone who will treat them properly and provide for the family, which is a common thing women look for in their partners.
  3. European women see guys from the US as more romantic — Another reason why so many European girls choose American men. European women’s dating approach is a bit old-fashioned, and they want to have that cheesy romance. Chivalry in the first stages of the relationship is what all of them adore, and guys from the US are known to be good at it.

Those are only a few reasons why many attractive European girls want to have a relationship with Americans.

Do European women and American men make good couples?

Even though international dating is not easy, relationships with hot European girls are definitely worth it. Besides, international relationships are usually more successful because of the differences that partners have. You may think that it’s something that will, vice versa, set you apart. But being in a multicultural relationship, both partners learn to be more tolerant, patient and understanding. Even simple things such as applying for a visa and going through all of that document preparation is not easy, and it unites, making the love bond even stronger.

Where can you find European women that like American men?

The best way to find European girls that are into American guys is, of course, through online dating. There are so many gorgeous women of all ages online. You can find a lady from any European country that is open to communication with foreign men and interested in different types of relationships. Regardless if you want to have a romantic chat, flirt, or something more meaningful, you can find a beautiful European girl for that.

How to appear more attractive to European girls?

How to appear more attractive to European girls How to appear more attractive to European girls

You are already great as you are, but European girls have their type. And if you are an American guy and want to appear more attractive to those ladies, you can highlight those traits and little things they like in men.

  • Look for someone that seems 'out of your league' — European girls are blessed with natural beauty that is very diverse. When you see how hot those ladies are, especially girls from Eastern Europe, you may think you don't stand a chance. But in reality choosing, someone that seems out of your league is the right tactic. There is less competition as guys are usually intimidated to approach such incredible girls. You will be seen as more attractive with your confidence and for sure will get some extra points for not being scared.
  • Be kind — All women want their partner to be caring and thoughtful. Make sure that you are generous and treat your girl with the proper respect she deserves. European girls like kind men that are not afraid to be vulnerable around them and see that only as a positive.
  • Look older — Well, you don't need to grow a beard, but society also gives guys a greater chance to accumulate resources and status as they age. That is why European women like older men as they subconsciously think higher of them.
  • Make your partner laugh — Having a great sense of humor is a great strategy regardless of what girl you want to win over. Generally, women are more attracted to men who are easy-going, optimistic, and can make them laugh.
  • Use open body language in your photo on the dating profile — A study suggests that women are more attracted to men who use expansive body language. Girls will see you as more open to communication and more approachable.

Note that you don't need to appear something you are not, as European women like American men as they are. Just take those recommendations as a guide of what to highlight your looks and personality.

The bottom line

Dating a gorgeous European woman is a blessing to a man as they have so many great qualities to be perfect partners. Those ladies are supportive, caring and usually tend to be more traditional, which is rare for American society. Even though different mentalities and lifestyles, European-American couples are really very strong and happy. So if you want to try European dating, you should join one of the reliable dating sites and dive into the search process to start your love story right now.