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Jonathan Silver

Jonathan Silver, writer

Jonathan has a lot of experience with online dating, but that’s not the only thing that makes him one of our best writers. Jonathan is also a skilled author with an eye for detail who meticulously works on each piece he creates.

Jonathan Silver

Jonathan’s career at RomanceScout.com began on the day we launched the site. By that time, Jonathan had already been an established content writer and we felt very lucky to land him as our first and most prolific writer. Before that, he has already worked for 5+ years as a content writer and has a number of prestigious publications in his portfolio.

Throughout his career and before joining RomanceScout, Jonathan has written on a number of topics, but online dating has always been his special interest. He is simply fascinated by the way people meet and build relationships online and he has spent years learning more about it. Right now, she is regularly sharing his insights with our readers.