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Irene Stevens

Irene Stevens


Irene is a writer with a degree and plenty of experience in psychology, which allows her to write deep, informative guides to international dating based on her personal expertise. Irene specializes in relationships between people from other countries.

With a degree in psychology and a therapy license, Irene has helped singles and couples in the romantic department. After working for over five years as a couples therapist, Irene found something that interested her even more, and that was online dating. Irene was so fascinated by the inner workings of the online dating industry and the way it helps people from different corners of the globe meet and build successful relationships that she just knew she had to make it her job.

With RomanceScout.com, Irene finally got an opportunity to combine her two passions, psychology and writing, and to do what she loves: helping people go from strangers to romantic partners. Irene is the top author behind our guides to foreign ladies, international relationships, and how to make them successful. Irene never stops learning and is always looking for new ways to polish her craft. Meeting all kinds of foreign people and finding out what they want from potential partners is one of the ways for her to do it.