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definition Mail Order Brides

What is a mail order bride?

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People nowadays have busy lifestyles and less free time, which means that there is no way they can constantly search for a perfect partner. Go-getter and grinding mentality seem to lower the chances to find true love. However, that doesn’t have to be that way. With the development of the world, the dating game is also changing, and today we can enjoy a variety of marriage sites. International dating is perfect for choosing your future wife and a great chance to find a mail order bride that is ticking all of your boxes.

The concept of mail order wives may be confusing for a lot of people as there is no proper portrayal in the media and information available in general. But in modern society, it is quite popular to look for foreign beauty on dating websites and the whole process of international dating is far from new. Today we are going to talk about what the term means, debunk the common misconceptions, and tell you everything about mail order bride.

Terminology clarification: What is a mail order bride?

It’s hard to imagine that someone has never heard of mail order bride sites. But if you are such a person, don’t worry – we got your back! You may be wondering about these words’ meaning and origin.

Mail order bride services have a long history, as people use it as a handy way of finding a future spouse. But firstly, let’s make it crystal clear that mail order doesn’t convey that you can buy a bride online or order a wife by mail. We are living in the 21st century, and it is illegal to do so to a human being.

Mail order bride is an old term that was used for women looking for marriage. A lot has changed, and nowadays mail order bride just means a girl that is using dating websites and is open to international marriage. Like everyone, these beauties want to find love and catch a chance of happiness and having a soulmate. But of course, they join international dating sites to get married – this is the obvious intention. If you are considering trying mail order bride services, it is important to know how much you are likely to spend. You can read about it in the article named Mail Order Brides Cost.

Main benefits of foreign bride

  1. You have a lot of options to choose from. The mail order bride industry is developing rapidly, engaging more and more people to try the opportunities it offers. Whatever girls attract you the most — Slavic, Asian, or Latin, you can easily meet them online on dating services. Thousands of foreign women register on dating sites each year, which means you have a high chance of finding your perfect match. If you have certain preferences, you can point them out in the questionnaire you fill in during the registration. In this way, the search will be more precise, and you will find a mail order bride who matches your taste. 
  2. They are already interested in finding a true partner. What’s great about foreign mail order bride is that she know what she want, and you won’t have to deal with uncertainties when communicating with mail order brides online. They’re ready to build serious relationships and aren’t afraid of commitment. If that’s what you want, you can safely use mail order bride services. Also, legit mail order brides you meet online will have their preferences and goals too. And if you don’t match with someone you initially thought you would — that’s okay because online dating is also about exploring opportunities. 
  3. One’s intentions are clear. The mail order bride meaning suggests that these are the women who willingly register on specialized websites to find foreign husbands. That’s why you can be sure they understand why you’re using dating services. Women won’t pretend they don’t know why you’re texting them and about what relationships you’re talking about. So, you don’t have to be afraid to reach out to ladies. They can also text you first, and if you get a message from a woman who shares the same values — that's luck. 
  4. Most girls are ready to build a family and have kids. Since the mail order bride industry is focused on helping people find lifelong partners, most users on the specialized websites are ready to have serious relationships. Surely, you’d date with a woman you’ve fancied, but your connection will advance over time, making you tie the knot. So, if you’ve always been dreaming about establishing a family — mail order bride sites are excellent for meeting your soulmate. 
  5. You can learn a lot about a girl from her profile without engaging in conversation. Usually, foreign mail order brides put effort into creating bright and catchy profiles. They add many photos, point out some interesting facts about themselves, and specify their preferences, values, and goals, in their profiles. So, you won’t have to communicate with girls with whom you have nothing in common. In contrast, you can look through profiles of foreign bride and reach out to those who fit your preferences. 

Mail order bride site as a way to find your soulmate

You can use a mail order bride website to meet the woman who’ll perfectly match your preferences, namely, have similar interests, outstanding personality traits, and breathtaking features. Such platforms offer various search filters that will help you get matched with ladies who boast all the desired characteristics and are ready to communicate and build relationships with you. 

You can scroll through women’s profiles to see their photos and read their descriptions to understand what to expect from them. It’s easy to reach out to any lady on a mail order bride site by simply sending her a message or a “wink.” 

Is it possible to find mail order brides from certain countries?

There are filter tools that allow searching for women from specific locations. For example, if you prefer women from Ukraine or Japan, you can select these countries and will see only those ladies who come from these locations. Yet, there are also platforms specializing only in women from a specific region. So, if you’re attracted to Latin women in general but don’t have preferences about the country they come from, you can find mail order brides on the platform that focuses solely on them. 

How does a mail order bride site work?

These platforms have a number of tools and filters aimed at helping you meet the best mail order bride and building a relationship with her. Once you register there, you get to select your preferences to let the site understand what kind of women you need to get matched with. After that, you can look through ladies’ profiles and reach out to those who attract you the most. You can send women messages, emails, likes, or winks. Then, you focus on getting to know each other better and advancing your communication until both of you’re ready to take your relationship to another level. 

What are the benefits of using a mail order bride service?

There’s a bunch of advantages of a mail order bride site, and these are some of them:

  • Convenience. You can access the site from anywhere without having to travel abroad.
  • Cost-effectiveness. When using a mail order bride service, you’ll probably purchase credits. They come in packages, and you can select any desired size, depending on the tools you use.  
  • Large selection of women. You can find a lady who’ll match the appearance of the woman of your dreams. 
  • Ladies have the same intentions. Women use mail order brides sites because they’re ready for relationships, so they’ll eagerly respond to your messages. 

What is the best mail order bride website?

You can find mail order brides and enjoy high-quality services on the sites below:


💖 easternhoneys.com

💖 orchidromance.com


💖 jollyromance.com

💖 bravodate.com


💖 lovefort.com

💖 ladate.comLa Date

History of mail order brides


Knowing mail order bride history will help you get a better understanding of it and help you decide if it is something you can benefit from in your life. If you were considering trying it, here is something that you should totally know.

The history of mail order brides starts in the 19th-century American frontier. That was the time when men outnumbered the available women, and single ones decided to look for potential brides in the “Back East”. They posted ads in newspapers stating that they were looking for the brides. And girls that read them and were interested in the proposal wrote back to their bachelors and sent some photos. Also, an interesting fact is that usually, soon to become husband and wife did not meet in person before the actual wedding.

Some people may argue that the concept of legit mail order bridess is even more ancient. European kings have a long practice of marrying their daughters to foreign men to strengthen their political support. These girls were leaving homes to marry some kings’ sons that they will see for the first time on their day of marriage. That is very similar to the situation on the American frontier. But regardless of where the term originated from, it is still popular in modern society and is used to these days. You can read more about the history of mail order bride here.

Mail order brides in cinematography

As online dating and looking for a bride on the Internet is so popular, it’s only natural that there are so many movies about that. The cinematography shows all the pros and cons of such type of international marriages in general. Also, it is worth mentioning that the mail order brides face a lot of prejudice in the media without any reason. You can learn a lot from those films, as it’s always better to draw conclusions from the mistakes of others than your own. Try to use these examples as a guide for your online dating.


Here are some best mail order bride movies to enjoy

  • Picture Bride (1995)
  • Birthday Girl (2001)
  • Mail Order Wife (2004)

Stereotypes about mail order wives debunked

Foreign brides just look for a sugar daddy

Such a thing rarely happens on dating platforms and is far from modern reality. Gorgeous women that join the specialized websites are not looking for a sponsor. They desire to find a true soulmate. Someone who will treat them with kindness. They look for an opportunity to create a real family and have kids with the man they love. Even though they often live in countries that are not economically flourishing, the vast majority of girls are well-educated and employed.

All mail order girlfriends don’t speak English

That is totally a myth! The language barrier isn’t always the case. Everything depends on the country where the bride lives, her personal background, education, and so on. For example, if you are into Latin girls, you will probably have no language barrier at all. The majority of women in Latin America speak fluent English. But if you prefer Asian or Russian beauties, then you may need to use translation services. Thankfully, professional dating venues facilitate communication. You will have no problems talking to the women you like. Besides, brides on such platforms are preparing to move abroad and are trying hard to learn English to be closer and understand their man better.

They are not educated

This is another big myth that isn’t true. Maybe something like that could have been 10-15 years ago. But modern brides have great access to education, and they use it to the full extent. For example, stunning women in Eastern European countries, like Ukraine or Russia, usually have higher education and a degree in some fields. Don’t be misled that if a bride is not fluent in English, she is not smart or has no education.

Peculiarities of modern mail order marriages with such brides

Considering the long history of mail order brides, this world has significantly changed with the introduction of Internet technologies. Nowadays, the entire enterprise takes place in cyberspace and is facilitated by professional online dating venues. So what should you expect from modem mail order brides?

  1. Attractive appearance. Usually, mail order brides boast impressive natural beauty. They have charming facial features, and you can find a girl with any skin tone, eye color, and hair color. Whatever nationality you prefer, you’ll meet enchanting foreign brides who will catch your attention. Also, foreign women put effort into staying in shape, so you can expect them to have great bodies. Whether you’re a fan of curvy ladies or skinny women — mail order brides websites are full of such women. Actually, you can specify the preferred height, weight, and body type when creating a profile on the site. In this way, your search will be more effective and precise. 
  2. Proactive attitude to dating.As suggested in the mail order bride definition, foreign women want to meet their lovers online and create accounts on specialized sites to achieve this goal. So, it’s a little surprise that the girls will text you first, like your photos, and visit your profile. They want to meet their soulmates as much as you do, so they don’t sit still waiting for messages from men. Also, you can be sure you’ll get a text back once you start a conversation with a mail order bride, so don’t be afraid to send messages to the ladies you’ve fancied. 
  3. Family-oriented. Best mail order brides always put family first, so if you’re ready to have kids, you should tell this to the woman you're communicating with. Besides, if you’re in a serious relationship, this will help your partner see that you’re a reliable man with whom she can plan her future. When in marriage, these ladies professionally take care of children, manage all the household tasks, and remember about spending quality time together. Foreign brides are talented in cooking, so your partner will constantly impress you with delicious meals. 
  4. Open to communication. As mentioned, mail order girlfriend id ready to chat with you about anything. Besides, deep conversations are the best way to get each other better, see what kind of person the woman is, and understand whether your dreams and values harmonize. You can discuss various topics, from raising children to traveling. Don’t hesitate to share your true opinion because that’s the key to building strong relationships with a mail order bride.   
  5. Willing to move abroad. Real mail order brides prefer Western men because they’re more reliable, caring, and loyal compared to those they encounter in their countries. Ladies want to love and be loved, but they’re often taken for granted, and they’re tired of such an attitude. Mail order brides believe that dating platforms will help them meet men with whom they can be happy and safe. And they’re ready to move abroad to build families with their future husbands. Foreign wife understands that she shouldn’t be afraid to get out of her comfort zones to finally feel loved and cared for. 

The most popular bride destinations among Western men are Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Eastern European countries (like Russia and Ukraine). You can get some great insights from the article named “The best country for mail order brides.”



Even if they are surrounded by a lot of misconceptions, mail order bride sites are a great way to find the women of your dreams. You can find an exact match to all your personal preferences in a comfortable and easy way. Those ladies are not only stunning. They are intelligent, have different interests, desires, passions, and are perfect wifey material. So don’t waste your time on doubts – your destiny may be waiting for you online.


What is a mail order wife?

A mail order wife is a woman who registers on a specialized website to meet her soulmate and build strong relationships with him. Foreign ladies decide to become mail order brides because they can’t find lovers in their own countries, prefer Western men over locals, don’t want to stay in their home countries because there are more opportunities abroad, or always wanted to move to a different country and settle there. 

Are mail order brides entering the US legal?

Yes, they are. The mail order brides industry originated hundreds of years ago, and now, hundreds of thousands of men and women are using dating sites to meet their soulmates. There are many laws and regulations regarding the activities in this area, including VAWA and IMBRA. So, you don’t have to worry about the legal aspects, especially when using credible mail order brides websites. You can find women from different regions, such as Slavic, Asian, or Latin, who can legally enter the US. 

Are mail order brides real?

Surely! As mentioned above, legit mail order bride eagerly uses specialized platforms to meet her lovers. Choose reliable mail order brides services. You’d see that such platforms are full of well-thought-out women’s profiles that include background information, notable facts about women, and many photos. Women put effort into creating catchy profiles because they’re a prerequisite for success in meeting the men of their dreams. 

Is marrying women from abroad too complicated?

No, it’s not. Mail order wives are popular among Western men, so there are well-established practices you can follow to get married to a foreign woman. Probably, getting visas and all the documents done are the most tricky processes that are rather time-consuming. But marrying mail order women is easier than it seems; you just need patience and time.

Can I meet a mail order bride online?

Definitely! There are hundreds of reliable mail order brides services to choose from. You just need to select the platform that provides high-quality services, has a large female users database, offers affordable rates, and boasts many positive reviews and success cases.

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