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Mail Order Bride Visa

All You Need To Know About A Visa For Mail Order Bride

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International marriages, especially mail order marriages are registered more and more often, and this, in part, is explained by the fact that the online dating industry is constantly growing. How to get a mail order bride? Sign up for a dating site. How to take foreign mail order bride to the US? Well, that’s more complicated. The better question is, “What visa does a mail order bride get in order to enter the US?”

In short, it’s a famous K-1 visa, which, however, is received not only by mail order brides but also by all other foreign citizens who’re going to enter the US to get married to an American. How long does it take to obtain it? Are there any limitations and additional requirements in mail order bride industry? You’ll find the answers below.

An algorithm to obtain a visa for mail order bride

Of course, there is an algorithm for taking foreign mail order brides to USA. An American citizen needs to file a petition, Form I-129F, pass the background check, prove that his relationship with a future wife is real (about love, and not about money), wait until the petition is approved, take a future spouse to the US and get married. It sounds simple, but there are some more details you need to consider to finally marry a woman of your dreams. Let’s take a look at them.

The most important requirements for an American citizen


An American citizen who’s going to get married to a foreign woman needs to meet certain requirements, too.

First, he needs to prove that he’s an American citizen by providing a passport or birth certificate. Applying for this visa is not available to permanent residents.

Secondly, he needs to earn enough to financially support a mail order wife. When you apply for K-1 Visa, you also need to submit a Form I-134 to prove that you earn enough (have income, own real estate property, stocks, etc.) that’s at least the min income for your household size. However, once you get married to your bride, and she’ll apply for a green card, you’ll need to prove that you have 125% of the min income.

The most important requirements for a foreign bride

A K-1 visa also known as a mail order bride visa can be obtained if:

  • A petitioner lives in another country. If a bride is in the US, she doesn’t need to apply for it.
  • She was never convicted of any crime. In other words, a woman who has ever convicted of a criminal crime or a crime related to a controlled substance will never get this visa, unless there’s something extra special about her case (for example, a political offense.)
  • Prospective wife has never violated any of the American immigration laws.
  • She is a healthy person. We mean, a woman who applies for this visa can’t pose a health risk to American citizens and residents, and that’s why a bride needs to complete a medical examination to prove that she doesn’t have a communicable disease, is vaccinated, is mentally healthy and won’t harm other people, etc.

Requirements you both need to meet

The very fact of applying for this visa means that you are a couple. As a couple, you need to meet certain requirements, too. Let’s take a look at them.

  1. A couple needs to prove that they met in real life (i.e., not only online, in live chat, or on Skype). You can provide your real pics, tickets, stamps, and any other proofs of your meeting with mail order brides.
  2. You both need to prove that you are single/divorce. Polygamy is illegal in the US when it comes to the institution of the family. No wonder you both need to prove that you are not married (single, divorced, or widowed.)
  3. A bride and a future husband need to prove that they’re really going to get married within three months. You can provide any proofs, including wedding invitations.

K-1 visa limitations


Of course, there are also certain limitations to consider, too. Try to remember all of them — this is really important.

  1. Mail order brides who obtained this visa can come to America within the next six months only. If they fail to do it for any reason, they won’t be able to enter the US in the future.
  2. You can’t apply for this visa twice. It’s used once.
  3. After you meet the most important requirement, i.e., get married to a foreign bride, she’ll get an opportunity to apply for a green card.

Mail order brides divorce visa sponsorship

Now you know how to take a foreign girl to the US and marry her. But anything can happen, and we just can’t deny that a certain number of divorces (which is still lower than the national divorce rate) between international couples take place.

No wonder rational people want to know what happens when an American citizen sponsors a bride’s immigration application (confirms that he’s ready to financially support mail order spouses before they becomes an American citizen, too). The good news is that you can withdraw your sponsorship not to support your ex-spouse. But you need to do it promptly — if you married a foreign bride and divorced, withdraw your petition for alien relatives and the affidavit of support as soon as possible.


K1 visa, mail order bride — for most people, these things are interconnected, and no wonder. A lot of foreign citizens who apply for it are real mail order brides who want to enter the US to get married. As you can see, it is not so easy, but also not the most complicated task to take foreign women in USA. There is a certain algorithm, certain requirements, as well as certain limitations, but if you consider all of them, you will get married to mail order brides from any country without any difficulty.

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