How To Write A Good Online Dating Profile

How To Write An Online Dating Profile To Get Dozens Of Messages

Taking the risk of going out on the Web and trying online dating is quite complicated — particularly if you are a newbie to online love affairs and have no idea what can make you successful out there. Impressive photos from trips around the world, nice hotels, and expensive cars, or more subtle self-description, aesthetic photos, and lists of favorite films. Without a doubt, there is no point in pretending to be a person you’re not. However, you can always dig into the nuts and bolts of how to make your profile bright and attractive for singles of the opposite sex. The key to success is much easier than it may seem, helpful, and simple to apply. So, read ahead to find out how to write an eye-catching dating profile

Three main insight into how to write an online dating profile for a man

When deciding how to write an online dating profile, you need to stick to who you are in reality but frame it into a nice and clear form that will attract other users. First, you want to write true facts about you. Charming someone with a fake personality doesn’t sound so nice when you meet face-to-face, does it? Second, summarize everything in a concise though informative way. No one wants to waste their time on wrong matches. Finally, focus on particularly three things to develop your profile and win a jackpot. So, what do you need to do?

Step 1: Select your profile photos carefully and wisely

How To Write A Good Online Dating Profile How To Write A Good Online Dating Profile

First, think about what kind of photos attract you. Would you choose a person with one blurry, unfocused photo with lots of people where it’s impossible to say who is who? Obviously not. You should add a variety of photos that unobtrusively show your face, body complexion, and lifestyle. Don’t show off too much, but don’t scare anyone off either. Also, if you can complete your account by adding more photos, you should. Select those photos that can give a hint about who you are and what you like, appreciate, or create.

Second, choose only those pictures that represent you in real life. Adding photos from 5-10 years ago may confuse your date when it comes to the real thing. Choosing photos in which you look much better than in person is also not the best idea. We all want to show only our best features, but dating should start from honesty (even if it concerns photos where you look thinner or only from the right focus).

Last, prove your description by your photos. Did you write that you love traveling? Adding some photos from your favorite trips will be appropriate and desirable. Do you have a dog? Photos with dogs officially increase your chances of getting more messages and matches.

Step 2: Focus on writing a nice and clear bio

How to write an attractive online dating profile How to write an attractive online dating profile

Self-description is the most important part of your profile. How to write an attractive online dating profile that presents you in the best way? Good photos can help, but without a great bio, everything is in vain. When composing your bio, follow these rules:

  • Keep it concise, structured, and avoid bulky paragraphs. Your date will potentially come across dozens of profiles every day, and a clumsy bio with lots of useless info won’t help at all. Instead, try to organize all your text in different paragraphs, each of which presents different aspects of your personality.
  • If you decide to mention your job, be simple. An online dating profile is not a CV, so there is no need to indicate all of your career achievements. Instead, if you really enjoy your work, just mention it (inspired and motivated people attract the same kinds).
  • Be positive, open-minded, and leave out any negative emotions. Show that you are fully emotionally ready for a new happy relationship and avoid any cynicism or bitterness. Instead of writing “Don’t contact me if you are not intelligent and ignorant”, indicate that you are looking for a thoughtful, polite, and curious woman.
  • Describe the partner you want to meet. However, be original. Do you want someone who will like spending time in the same way you do? Indicate what kind of activities you like. Instead of writing “I want to meet a person who actually likes to have fun”, write “I want us to go hiking in Norway or scuba diving in Greece.” For some, it probably won’t be as appealing as going out for a dance and visiting modern museums. However, it will help you to find the right person without wasting your time.

Step 3: Proofread your profile and add some bait

How to write an attractive online dating profile How to write an attractive online dating profile

If you wonder about how to write an effective profile for online dating, then, this paragraph will answer all your questions. After completing all the sections and writing your bio, don’t forget to check your spelling and grammar. Even if not all the users are grammar nazis, lots of people mention such mistakes as their pet peeve.

After that, make sure that your profile has some bait or an interesting catching phrase that would make other users want to write first. It can be any question about their plans, interests, or just mentions of your favorite book, musician, or film. Such conversation starters will definitely increase your chance of getting messages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I add serious or funny photos to my online dating profile?

Most people prefer users with positive and optimistic photos. Although you can take serious photos too, don’t neglect those where you smile and show your kind and nice motives.

Can I exaggerate any facts or achievements?

You’d better avoid everything that doesn’t represent your true personality. Catfishing can play into your hands at first, but then, the reality will completely disappoint your date.

Can I add photos with my friends to my online dating profile?

You can add some group photos that show your lifestyle or social life. However, make sure to upload your various personal photos first.

Should I add my job title to my profile?

You can add your job title or position if you are proud of what you do. If it’s just an in-between job, you’d better leave the section empty and concentrate on describing other aspects of your life.