How To Protect Yourself From Dating Scams

How To Protect Yourself From Online Dating Scams

The perfect way to find your partner is using online dating services. Many of them use modern technologies to protect their users from scammers, but unfortunately, they can’t find every fake profile. That’s why it is important to be attentive and careful while using online dating services.

6 Steps to protect yourself from online dating scams

Today, everyone has the opportunity to meet their love, despite the distance and any barriers. Online dating services give every member access to a vast dating pool and help every lonely heart to meet their ideal partner. But nowadays, more and more people start using these sites, and fake profiles and scammers use this opportunity. That’s why it is important to be careful. If you want to make your dating experience safer and stress-free and don’t waste your time on scammers, you have to learn how to protect yourself and your money from scammers. Here are some rules you have to pay attention to avoid any disappointments and troubles while using online dating sites.

Don’t share your personal information

protection from online dating scams protection from online dating scams

This is the first step for scammers to make a fool of you. They usually ask for your personal information especially financial or ask for money, when you have been communicating on the site for some time and your relationships and conversations are getting closer. When emotions are involved, it is sometimes hard to see the obvious things. After you share this, at one point, they disappear with your money. Therefore, it is important not to lose your head and under any circumstances do not send your personal information.

Check if your date is real

Today, most online dating sites provide you with the opportunity to communicate with your partner in video chats. You can use this feature to check if your date is not a fake. Audio or video calls, voice messages are one of the best ways to make sure that you are chatting with a real person.

Check your date’s information

You can avoid scammers with the help of Google and Social media. Just google your date’s name, find your date on Facebook or Instagram to help ensure the results are legitimate. If you noticed a strange activity or suspect an online dating scam, just stop any contacts with this person and contact the online dating site’s support team to report this user.

Don’t send your money or gifts

online dating scams money online dating scams money

It is important to be cautious and do not send any gifts or money to the person you have never met in real life. Even if you fall in love and think that your date is your only one, don’t hurry up and do not send your money. More questions, more details will help you to get to know each other better. Because after you send your money, they usually disappear. You will lose not only your financial but emotional costs too.

Don’t share your personal photos or videos

Sometimes, scammers use more complex ways, for example, they ask you to leave an online dating site and to move to another instant-messaging site. Once your conversation becomes more intimate and closer, they ask you to send your private photos. If you do not want to make your private photos public and do not pay to delete them, just do not send your private photos to anyone.

Don’t move to other sites to chat

Scammers often invite a victim to leave an online dating site and move to other platforms to continue chatting. Once you leave a dating site, you are already at risk. It is a sign for scammers that you believe them and you are ready to do anything for them. After this, they are waiting for the right moment to ask a victim to send them money or personal information, such as financial information or photos, videos. It happens in a moment, they disappear and leave you disappointed and stressed.

Final thoughts

To sum up, the most important thing to protect yourself against scams is to be careful and avoid nuances that can arise and lead to complications and problems.

Simply follow these rules and you will never gain such a disappointing and unwanted experience, but rather add yourself chances to find your true love.