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How Much Do Mail Order Brides Cost?

How Much Do Mail Order Brides Cost?

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Will You Spend All Your Money On Dating Mail Order Brides?

Many men dream of finding and getting married to a stunning mail order bride. But, guys who have such a dream usually don’t think about the sum they can spend on getting themselves a foreign wife. So, how much does a mail-order bride cost? Can you afford international marriage? In this short and informative article, you will find the answers with all the expenses you may have when marrying a foreign lady.

Сommunication prices

There is no such thing as “average cost of mail order bride”. However, there is an average price on communication with foreign ladies that can lead to real meetings, romantic dates, and even marriage. But, these are three different expenses categories, and here we’re going to discuss online communication, as statistically, the majority of the foreign relationships start online.

You can find a lot of mail order dating websites, i.e. Asian, Russian, American, Latin, and so on. There are hundreds of thousands of them and they are different and have different prices on the services they provide to the users. Usually, dating platforms are free to register - you just need to pay for chats, emails, calls, and video calls. Premium sites that offer their services for money, usually use either monthly subscription system or credits. Premium subscription costs on average $100-$500 per year, depending on what site you choose. There are platforms that offer plenty of special services that cannot be found on other websites, and they have higher prices, and there are websites that offer only a few features for just a few dollars per month.

Credit system differs from monthly subscription with just one thing: you should pay for the services you use only, not for the time you spend on the site. The prices on credit packages, as well as on the services, vary: an instant chat may cost you 2 credits per minute, and CamShare may make you spend up to 6 credits per minute. Some sites offer users to buy a package with 15 credits for 90-100$, and there are cheaper and more expensive dating platforms.

The cost of marrying a mail order bride


Here comes more exciting and more expensive part - courting and dating. Again, we want to start with online courting, as you should show your lady that you are a gentleman and can provide her with a life full of love and care. You can do it by sending her gifts, flowers, and making your virtual communication livelier with video chats and calls. These are pretty expensive features, and only premium sites provide them, but we highly recommend you to try them when dating a girl online. Usually, sites offer huge galleries of gifts and flowers for anyone’s budget, so you will be able to choose the most suitable present to make your beautiful mail order brides(or bride) feel appreciated.

Trip to a mail order bride's country

It is always a good idea to visit a home country of your mail order bride before the wedding (or before deciding upon starting a really serious relationship.)

The very first thing to purchase is airline tickets. The average price for them is $500-600. Next, don’t forget to book a room in a hotel for all the period of your stay. It will cost you approximately $40 per night. Also, note that the budget to spend should cover all the lady’s expenses, for example, shopping, dinners at restaurants and so on. You don’t have to pay for her, but if you do want to impress her and show her your generosity and ability to support a lady financially, she will definitely appreciate that.

Wedding expenses


If you feel that you are ready to get married to your stunning mail order bride, you should start to plan the wedding budget. The price of a wedding celebration may vary, as it depends on where you choose to celebrate it. If it takes place in the U.S, for example, expect to spend at least $6,000-7,000. This cost of mail order bride is quite reasonable. If you are planning to celebrate your wedding in the woman’s home country, it can be cheaper: $3,000-5,000 will cover the bride’s and groom’s outfits, wedding ceremony, rent of a restaurant, etc.

Final thoughts

You should make a lot of steps to conquer the hearts of foreign ladies. But neither of the actions needs the fortune to spend on if you try to find a bride online. If you thoroughly plan your communication, dating, and the next moves, the total cost to get a mail order bride will be about $10,000-$15,000 - reasonable enough sum to build long-lasting relationships with perfect mail order brides.

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