Meet Beautiful Russian Women Online

How To Meet Russian Women? And Are These Women Worth It?

Here, we'll tell you how to meet Russian women — and the good news is that it's actually much easier than you've probably imagined. You can choose the dating site right now (we’ve made the list of some good websites), sign up, create a profile, and start chatting with the best Russian girls who are looking for a man from the US. If you want more details, we’ll provide them to you — and we’ll start with the comparison of offline and online Russian dating.

Where to meet beautiful Russian women? Offline vs online

meet beautiful Russian women meet beautiful Russian women

So, where to meet a Russian girl? Technically, you can do it offline and all you need in such a case is book a flight to Moscow or to Saint Petersburg and get these beautiful women interested in you. It’s like a street pickup, but in a different country with a different dating etiquette and with a different language. That doesn't sound easy, right?

Well, it’s possible — you can meet beautiful Russian women in Russia if you are good at approaching girls on the street. What you should know is that it’s definitely not something you need to do. Why? Because of three reasons:

  • Russian girls are often called “reserved”, and this is partially true (they might be a bit reserved at the beginning, but after the initial stage, they become very friendly). However, that “after the initial stage” thing doesn’t matter for you because most Russian girls hate street pick up. It’s not only about the streets, of course — you can try libraries, nightclubs, malls, etc. — but this will most likely not work out. Here comes the second reason.
  • The language barrier. It’s the most serious problem here, and that’s not the thing you should underestimate. According to the statistics, about 30% of Russians know English, but it doesn't mean all of them can understand it and speak it. In fact, only 3% of Russians can speak English fluently and confidently — so well, it can be even more awkward than you've expected.
  • You won’t find anything serious. Let’s make it clear: you’ll be able to meet a Russian girl who can speak English, it’s not that hard. But if you expect to find a girl who has serious intentions this way, well, this will not work. So if you’re searching for a hook up, that’s ok, but if you’re going to meet Russian brides, you need something else.

And by “something else” we mean Russian dating websites. Let’s talk about them.

How to meet Russian women online? Top websites with Russian girls

Top websites with Russian girls Top websites with Russian girls

The point is: Russian dating sites are literally the best place to meet beautiful Russian women. These websites (we’re talking about the good ones) have thousands of beautiful ladies, lots of messaging tools, etc, etc. They are like your local dating services — you sign up, find a woman, view her photos, and start chatting — but with some major differences. First, such services are usually paid (they cost about $20-$50 per month). Secondly, they are 100% worth the money — they typically offer a high number of features, messaging tools, and high-quality female profiles. The third feature of such services is that on them, you can meet Russian ladies for marriage, not just for casual relationships. If you don’t know where to meet Russian women, here’s a short top list of the best services with these ladies:

  • JollyRomance. This is one of the best services where you can meet Russian singles. It offers a lot of premium features and even some cool services for free users, it has a lot of extremely beautiful Russian girls who are searching for American men, and it's also not that expensive. There is a powerful search system here, and the number of messaging tools is very high on JollyRomance.
  • AmourFeel. This website has a large profile database (more than 10,000 registered members), it offers great additional services such as gift delivery, the registration is free on this site, and it also has a lot of search filters.

Why do you need to meet Russian women for marriage or dating?

Russian women are just great.

They make great wives, mothers, and friends. They are very feminine which is also very cool — their feminine energy makes them very caring, loving, and supportive. Furthermore, they are loyal, they value family very much, they are modest and well-educated… This might sound like a combination that is almost impossible to find, but that's what most of them are!

Top 3 dating tips you must know about when you meet Russian women

tips you must know about when you meet Russian women tips you must know about when you meet Russian women

Now, when you know how perfect these girls are, you probably have a reasonable question: how to date them? Actually, it’s not that hard — all the dating rules that work in the United States do also work with Russian girls. Like, you have to look great, to be a gentleman, to make the conversation flow, and all that — but there are also some nation-specific things you need to know. Here they are:

  1. When you meet Russian girls, it's always you who pays for the date — it's a Russian cultural thing and these women believe that a man must pay for the dinner (it has nothing to do with gold-digging).
  2. Masculinity is important when you meet Russian women. They don't think masculine men are toxic — on the contrary, they feel even more feminine when the man leads the date.
  3. Don't try to rush things. Buy her flowers, be chivalrous, compliment her, and be romantic. These women love it when men do romantic things for them and getting a girl to sleep with you on the very first date is not the most romantic thing in the world.

Conclusion: how to meet Russian women for marriage?

If you want to meet Russian beauty, you only need to do two things: choose a dating site with thousands of these women and sign up. It’s fast, it’s cheap (well, at least it’s cheaper than visiting Russia!), and it really works — so if you want to meet Russian women, visit JollyRomance, AmourFeel, or any other Russian dating service, and start realizing your dream!