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Latin Mail Order Brides Cost

How Much Latin Mail Order Brides Cost? Everything About Pricing

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Many American, European, Canadian, and Australian and other men, who have no experience in online dating, assume it would cost them nothing to find love and meet Latin women. They believe they can just text Latin women on social media, make them interested, have some video calls, visit them during business trips to Latin America, and that’s it.

Others, by contrast, believe that Latin brides are gold-diggers and it would cost them a fortune. These men are afraid that they would lose all their money trying to impress, as they believe, demanding Latinas. And, therefore, they avoid making any payments on Latin Mail order brides sites and give up on online dating.

Both of these approaches are wrong. Indeed, it is not free to get a Latin bride but it also doesn’t cost too much. Moreover, sometimes it can be cheaper than dating women who live nearby.

Here we will discuss the sums you may spend to buy Latin mail order brides.


If you go to any search engine and type «buy a Latin mail-order bride» or MOB, you will have many results. The first thing that will come to your mind will be: «So is it common to buy Latin brides?» The second thing that will bother you will be: «Is it legal at all?»

Let us clarify a few things. Mail order bride industry is legal but it has nothing to do with trafficking people. «Buying a Latin mail order bride» does not mean purchasing another human being. That is not only illegal, but it is also criminalized and immoral. So what does it actually mean? Even though many reputable MOB and marriage agencies oppose this phrasing, hundreds of men still use it because it’s easy and convenient for them when it comes to online search.

«Purchasing a bride» means meeting a Latin woman on a dating site and it also comprises all the costs related to it. For example, paying for dating site services, traveling to see her and her family, visa expenses, etc.

Similarly, questions «what is the price of Latin brides» or «how much are Latin mail order brides» mean expenses that would follow dating of Latin women. Below we will tell you what these expenses are.

Why getting a wife from Latin America isn’t free?

Men ready for relationships and eager to start a family see many roadblocks on their way. Westerners often find that their fellow women aren’t much into marriage or just struggle to find true love and soulmate among other people.

Searching for love abroad, for example, in Latin America, can be a great option. First, because many Latin women have strong family values and want to establish their families too. Second, because they are open to dating foreigners - these ladies are easy-going people. And third, they are extremely beautiful, hot, smart and wise – what kind of a man wouldn’t want a spouse like this?

Men start hitting on such girls as:

  • Mexican
  • Colombian
  • Brazilian
  • Argentinian
  • Venezuelan
  • Chilean
  • Ecuadorian
  • Bolivian
  • Peruvian
  • Guatemalan
  • Cuban
  • And girls from many other South American, Central American, and Caribbean countries

Bachelors visit these regions during their business trips, go to bars and clubs, desperately trying to find «wife material». Others try to reach out to Latin women through social media. But what do they have at the end? Sadness and losing of hope. That’s because you never know if a Latin lady in a club or on Facebook would ever be ready for a serious relationship. These ladies just may not be suitable for family life. We tell this to you to remind you that there’s no such thing as a free lunch!


It is much more effective to look for a Latin bride on specialized online dating sites. Some of them indeed are free, but they carry lots of dangers as they are flooded with:

  1. Annoying ads
  2. Scammers and fraudsters
  3. Fake Latin women’s profiles
  4. Inactive users

Using a free dating or mail order bride site is a waste of time, therefore. Paid Latin mail order bride sites sound like the best option because they have:

  1. Strong security policies
  2. Huge pools of active Latin brides
  3. Female accounts verified
  4. No ads
  5. A variety of communication tools
  6. Translation services for understanding beautiful Latinas
  7. And many other attractive services

All of these things are the actual answer to why it is not free to find a Latin mail order bride interested in starting a family. If you want to be sure you’re talking to a real Latina who’s interested in a serious relationship, you have to pay. If you want to impress her, you also have to pay – Latinas are extraterrestrially beautiful and men are lining up to get their attention. You want to stand out from the crowd, right? Also, if you ever want to visit her, it will cost you something too. Let’s see the exact price of your every step on the way to getting a Latina bride.

Sums you may spend on getting a wife from Latin America

Fair and square we will tell you that there is no universal total amount for everyone to get a Latin mail order bride. There are many factors which will determine your final expenses, including:

  • The kind of a site that you are using
  • The range of mail order bride services you order
  • How much you are ready to spend on impressing your Latin woman
  • How often you would visit her for dates
  • How far you live from your Colombiana, Peruana or any other Latina
  • Whether you need to issue a visa or not
  • Whether you need to impress her family or not, etc

Below we will tell you the average and the most approximate prices for getting a Latin mail order bride.

Online dating site services

The good news is that on most Latin mail order bride sites it is free to register and browse through girls' profiles. So you will not have to spend even a cent or a penny for meeting a beautiful Latina online. However, to communicate with her, impress her and to use other mail order bride site services will cost you money.

Just communicating with a Latina interested in marriage online will cost you a minimum of $10 per month. What does it include? Depending on the site:

  1. Short lovely texts
  2. Lengthy romantic emails

If you want to use advanced communication tools, for example, LiveChats, video calls, voice calls, call reservations, etc., you will have to pay more. In this case, talking with Latinas online will cost you between $150–$500 depending on the frequency of your communication.

Note that some sites provide monthly subscription packages, so you will save more if you purchase a 6 or 12-month membership. The greater the scope of time, the cheaper the monthly rate would be for you.

Some Latin dating websites use a credit system. You will have to buy them with your card or PayPal and then spend these credits on certain services. Once again, the larger the package, the cheaper the rate per credit.

Impressing a Latina


Texting, of course, is not enough to win over a Latin woman who’s into creating a family. Latinas always receive tons of attention from men and your job is to make sure that she notices you. You are fortunate if the Latin dating site that you use provides gifts and flowers delivery services. How to take advantage of it?

Go to a profile of a Latin bride, click on the icon «send her a gift/flowers» and you will be redirected to a page with hundreds of options. Now it’s up to you what to choose for her (our advice is to always ask the lady what she prefers – long-stemmed red roses or gorgeous latte-colored peonies, which are by the way rare in Latin America).

Gifts on mail order bride sites include:

  • Chocolates
  • Cakes
  • Wine and champagne
  • Stuffed animals, etc.

One-time delivery of a small gift or a single rose would cost you at least $40. Depending on how often you want to «spoil» your Latina and how demanding she is, you may spend from $40-80 a month to a few hundreds or even thousands. That’s what you have to decide.


If you want to go on a romance tour and find Latin women there, mail order bride agencies can help you with that too. It can be in addition to previous services or a separate one. A romance tour is a tour during which you visit one Latin American country, attend a party with Latin brides, talk with them, establish contacts, go on trips, to restaurants, etc. and try to know more about them. The organization of such a tour will cost around $3,500-$4,000.

If you already know the girl that you like pretty well, you have been texting her for a long time and are ready to see her in person, it’s time for an offline date. It is coming that men travel to countries of girls and not vice versa for safety and financial reasons. Here’s what you will have to spend money on when planning a trip to your Latin darling:

  • Flight tickets to a Latin country
  • Visa
  • Insurance
  • Hotel booking
  • Other expenses (restaurants, courtship, sightseeing)

You may spend from a few hundreds of dollars to a few thousands depending on the country of your residence and the country you are going to visit, personal needs and so on. But envisage around $1,500 at least for such a trip (note that daily local services like accommodation and food may cost you around $30-$300 a day).

Spending time together

You will have to spend money on traditional dating for sure. Your Latin second half may share the expended or they will be absolutely on you. You may be cooking together or going to restaurants. You might be dating for 2 months or 2 years before getting married. You may also visit her family, especially if her parents are conservative, and you will need gifts for that. As you can see, this part is where it all «depends». What we want to tell you is that you should make sure to plan your finances because you just never know.

Preparation for marriage

Most probably, you will want to bring your Latin bride to your homeland, get married and start a family. If you’re American, you will have to experience a lot of red tape, at least to pay for the US fiancee visa. You will also need to travel, pass medical checkups, and somewhere even pay government fees. Excluding preparation for the wedding itself, all these red tape expenses may exceed $2,000.

The bottom line


So how much are Latin mail order brides? The simple answer is: it depends. A complete answer is: you may spend from $2,000 to $18,000 on finding and dating a Latin bride. You will spend on some websites allowing to communicate with foreign girls wooing your lady, travel, and first offline date, spending time together and preparing for the wedding. Your expenses also depend on how long you plan to date a Latina before finally starting a family. All in all, the money will not matter to you once you realize you have found true love. We wish you a positive search experience and to start your family soon!

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