Eastern European And Slavic Brides

Gorgeous Slavic Mail Order Brides Or European Brides: Who They Are

Some people may say that the mere term ‘European mail order brides’ sounds like a complete nonsense. European women are supposed to be ambitious, strong, educated, motivated, career-oriented, right? They are supposed to be the living embodiments of all the best qualities of a modern independent woman, so why would they look for dating foreign men?

Here is the thing you need to know – yes, European women are really like that. However, there are also Eastern European girls who have all the above-mentioned qualities and at the same time, remain the popular mail order brides due to some other things. They are known for their gentleness, desire to express their love through care and support, allegiance to traditions, love for children, and plenty of other qualities that make them the best wives. That is why Eastern European wives from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus are so popular – they are nearly perfect for western guys. Some may argue that this is just a myth. Well, we can prove that they are wrong. Interested? In fact, we wrote this article to give the full understanding of who Slavic brides really are.

Eastern European brides for marriage – What is their motivation?

eastern european brides eastern european brides

We understand that if you are a single man, it can be hard for you to believe that beautiful women looking for a foreign (and often an older) man exist. Why would a younger Eastern European woman who can be very popular at home move somewhere, if not for money? The real reason can surprise you – Slavic men live in the world where a beautiful, good girl who does not mind dating you is the normal, and not a rare thing.

This leads to a range of problems, actually. In Russia, Ukraine, as well as in any other Eastern European country, there are women who have never got flowers or good gifts from their husbands, because men just do need to make any effort to get and hold a hot woman there. That is why many Slavic women believe that men in the western world are more loyal, attentive, and romantic than locals. Is this the one motivation? No, of course, it is not. You can see the most frequent reasons (that often come together) for Slavic brides to search for love abroad below:

  • Trauma – divorce or breakup with a local man
  • The desire to raise children in a more developed, stable country
  • The desire to have more opportunities for self-development with a western guy
  • Attraction to men from other countries

So, European women for marriage are real, and more importantly, they are also looking for family & love. Is this knowledge enough for a man who wants to take a closer look at these girls? We think it is not. A man never knows if a wife from another country is the best option for him unless he knows a lot about the national character this girl is likely to have. So what about Slavic brides? What are they like?

What you get after you marry a Slavic bride?

marry european bride marry european bride

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to Eastern European brides. Men want to know what they are likely to get after they choose this path. That is why we decided to pay special attention to the qualities of these girls. Most of them are:

  • Smarter and more educated than you think they are. Men should not underestimate Slavic women. More precisely, guys who marry them because they want to have not too smart, but 100% obedient wife make a terrible mistake. Ladies from these countries are smart enough to have their own opinion, goals, and a strong desire for self-development. They are great listeners and great talkers, but their allegiance to tradition and old values allows them to balance between old values and new trends.
  • Balancing between the East and West. What exactly do we mean by balance? Everything is simple – they are more progressive and trendy than most mail order brides from other regions of the world, but they still respect family values and accept their gender role. Of course, there are the exceptions to this rule, but they do not usually become international brides.
  • Hot. We will not even discuss this in detail. Just remember how stars of Slav origin look. You might be surprised to know that in these countries, many girls look almost as great as Mila Kunis, Milla Jovovich, and even as Bradley Cooper’s ex-wife Irina Shayk. By the way, this is one of the reasons why some guys are skeptical about dating sites – they take a look at photos in their profiles and just cannot believe that this many women can look this gorgeous.
  • Multi-taskers. They are the least lazy girls ever. Life in post-Soviet countries is not easy, and a regular beauty from this region knows how to study, work, be hot, have hobbies, keep the house clean and remain social simultaneously. That might sound crazy for most western women, but they do not even think that they do anything extraordinary. In this region, a woman who has a career, husband, children, her own interests and hobbies is a regular girl, and not an exceptional person.
  • Friendly and sociable. Special attention should be also paid to their unique ability to make lots of friends in a short time. If you doubt that your family and friends will accept you, Slavic wife, forget about this – most of the girls in these countries get closer to other people and make a lot of new friends without much effort. Seriously, you need to make much effort to find a grumpy, private girl who will fail to build good relationships with people you love.

As you can see, there are a lot of great things about Slavic women. In fact, they also explain why these women are still popular despite the growing demand for Asian and Latina girls. After all, these girls have already become classics, and that will not change in the near future. Some might argue that you cannot be happy with someone you just bought. We cannot but agree with these people. But, in this case, how does the system work?

Eastern European girls for sale – do they even exist?

If you are going to buy Slavic mail order brides, you will be disappointed. Unlike women in the late 1960s, Eastern European girls are not trying to sell themselves at a good profit. As we noted before, love and their wish to build a family is their primary motivation. If so, why do we often hear the term “prices of Slavic brides”? In part, this is explained by the world history of the term ‘mail order bride’ – there was a time when ladies made a legit agreement with men, and money was the first thing that really interested them. Secondly, a few centuries ago, there was the “catalog boom“ – men ordered Eastern European brides, as well as Asian women. There is one thing you need to remember – these approaches do not work anymore.

Our recommendation is simple. If you find the site and see something like “Buy Slavic women here, 50% discount, only $3.999, all rights reserved,” just leave. There are real dating sites where you can meet real Slavic brides, so do not waste your time looking for an Eastern beauty for sale. We, in turn, are going to tell you how to avoid mistakes when searching for a partner online and dating Slavic women as on the web, as in real life.

How to meet Slavic wives online?

meet Slavic wives online meet Slavic wives online

Simply put, the main goal of every man who wants to meet a girl from Russia, or Ukraine, or another Eastern European country is to find a good, reliable mediator, which would connect him and Slavic women. It is easy? No, it is not. Can we recommend you to find a few options, take one look at them and pick the first you like? No, never. Here are the things that really matter when it comes to the in-depth analysis of Slavic dating sites. Pay attention to these aspects:

  1. Dating Eastern European brides online makes sense only if they are real. Pay a lot of attention to profiles, read personal information, take a close look at the photos. If they seem real, move on.
  2. Pay special attention to the information in the Terms and Conditions section. Read it carefully before you choose a website – this will allow you to avoid problems in the future.
  3. Find out what services the website offers. Niche dating platforms are supposed to provide wide ranges of different services. In fact, this is the main reason why people use them instead of social networks and other free sites. Make sure that there are many really great things to pay for.
  4. How much do membership plans or credits cost? Compare the quality and number of different services to the prices of dating Slavic women. Do they seem reasonable?
  5. Good support is a sign of a good platform, too. Try to contact the team to ask for help and evaluate the quality of provided assistance.

Nowadays, you do not have to visit Slavic countries to meet Slavic women. However, it does not mean that you can be impulsive when choosing between different sites.

What is dating Slavic women for marriage like – tips & recommendations

Of course, building a relationship with a girl online is different from dating a woman in real life. You do not have to visit the country to meet a Slavic beauty, but there are certain challenges you can face. If you want to overcome them and get a wife, follow the simple recommendations:

  1. Do not treat Slavic girls as brides for sale. Keep in mind that this is the regular dating, it is just taking place on the web. The rules are almost the same.
  2. Provide more information about your interests, status, education, hobbies, etc. This will help ladies to understand if you are a suitable match for them.
  3. The same rule works for you, too. Pay attention to the information provided by ladies – it allows finding the best matches.
  4. Be nice and polite. As we have noted before, Slavic women are looking for love and decent men, and they want guys on the site to treat them with respect.
  5. Keep in touch with a woman you like, use different services to get closer.

Generally speaking, there is nothing super special about online dating. The most important rule is to be respectful, polite, and show women that you are serious about marriage. It is this easy.

Final thoughts

slavic and european brides slavic and european brides

Generally speaking, there are two types of women. The first group includes modern girls who are ambitious and career-oriented. The second group includes more ladies who are known for their respect for traditional family values and gender roles as well as for their desire to stay the most beautiful woman for their husbands.

Simply put, Slavic women are balancing between being modern European women and being old-school Eastern Europeans, the conservative Slavic brides men usually fall for. This is a rare combination, and that is why they are so popular. A regular single guy who wants a family is dreaming about such a wife, and the Word Wide Web can make dreams come true. Usually, guys spend a lot of time trying to find at least a few great sites with girls from Slavic countries, and it is worth the effort. However, if you want to spend your time on something more pleasant, you can take a look at our list of top-ranked dating sites.